Updates for Unity

Here you will find updates about leadership,

notes from the latest talks or classes!

2023 Annual Meeting Information

Election of New Board Members was held and the slate of candidates was voted in unanimously.  We want you to know who to contact if you have questions, concerns or compliments.

Deb Jennings
Director of Worship and Music
Suggestions/Comments phone or text 515-371-0725

Stevie Lang
Worship Assistant
Announcements / People to Pray For phone or text 515-707-3910

Laura Jones
Additions to Board Agenda phone or text 515-975-6331

Vivienne Woodson
Questions about finance phone or text 515-440-1292

Sharon Zagers
Rentals and Events
Phone or text 505-428-8220

Dr. Sue Rumbaugh
Want to Help phone or text 515-537-3000

Carrie England
Supplies Needed or building problem phone or text 505-428-8220


Together, we, the people of Unity Center of Des Moines, hold our community in the highest good for all concerned.