Rachel Corpus

Minister/Director, Unity Center of Des Moines

Hello, Fellow Seekers. I am Rachel Corpus and my pronouns are she/her. I am honored to be the Minister/Director of Unity Center of Des Moines at this amazing time in our evolution. I am here, ready to serve, with 20 years of teaching experience under my belt spanning from private instruction, leading a music conservatory, teaching parenting classes for Polk County, teaching music and drama in private and public schools, and many church educational programs. More recently, I have served in the Des Moines area for the past 8 years in child and family ministry. I have served at Central Presbyterian Church, Faith Lutheran Church and Plymouth United Church of Christ. Along the way I have picked up valuable knowledge about church budgets, marketing, stewardship campaigns, working with boards, all-generation projects, worship architecture, worship leading, community outreach, writing curriculum for all ages, and collaborative leadership.

I am passionate about creating a new paradigm for churches and religious centers. I believe that we are moving from a top-down hierarchy to collaborative, shared ministry that I refer to as ministry-led. In short, we are about to embark on a journey together that will help us grow as individuals and as a spiritual center.

I understand that many of us have been hurt by church at some point in our lives. If that is you, I am so sorry. I pray that Unity can be a safe space where you can question, discover, and grow.  I pray that Unity can be a place where you can come and discover who you are from the inside out, using prayer, meditation, and  educational opportunities that gently stretch you. We welcome all people, and we really mean that. This could be the place where you can exhale and be authentically you. It certainly is for me.

 Unity is a spiritual, new-thought church. We will talk about the Bible, but you will also hear us reference other spiritual teachers and backgrounds. We look at Scripture through a metaphysical lens, rather than a literal one. We strive to be a spiritual center that welcomes and supports people in their spiritual journey. We walk with you as you discover yourself and your Creator. In any given week you may attend a gong meditation, sound healing, a channeled talk from the Angels, a workshop on forgiveness, or just hang out when you are passing by.

When I am not serving Unity Center of Des Moines, I help people connect to their Angels and loved ones who have passed. I am a professional and natural-born Angel Communicator and Psychic Medium. I am committed to doing this work in God’s light. I work with the highest and best intentions and utilize high-vibrational frequencies. I begin each day thanking God for my gifts and the opportunity to help others in need. I have been on Unity Online Radio as a guest several times, and I have my own podcast called Angel Talk (available wherever podcasts are found: Apple, Google, Pandora, Stitcher, etc. or here:

I have three children and three cats. My husband, Edward, is also a member of the Unity Community. He is starting a second career as a therapist. When I am not working I love to watch the Great British Baking Show, anything Downton Abbey related, Hallmark Christmas movies, and go to the movies as much as I can. 

I know this is a time when connection to other people can be especially life-giving. If you need someone to listen, or you need help in any way, please contact us. We will always listen.  And we will help you when we are able.

You found Unity on purpose, just like I did. There are no coincidences, only on purpose, holy moments. I encourage you to sit with that thought for a moment or two. Why did you find Unity? How can Unity help facilitate your growth? How can you become part of the fabric of Unity?

Love and Light,

Rachel Corpus


Email Rachel at or you may also reach her cell phone at (515) 943-6877.


You may also reach us at for general or administrative questions.