Agreement Between Facilitator or Leader & Unity Center

As a Facilitator or Leader, I understand the duty of a Unity Center Professional or leader and I have read and agree to the responsibilities to:

  • affirm the dignity and value of each individual
  • respect the right of each faith group to hold to its values and traditions
  • advocate for professional accountability that protects the public and advances the profession
  • respect the cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, sexual-orientation, and religious diversity of other professionals and those served and strive to eliminate discrimination

Therefore, as a Facilitator or Leader, I have reviewed and agree to the standards as documented in the Unity Center of Des Moines Code of Ethics and Ethical Standards Review Process and Definitions

The intent of the Unity Center of Des Moines Code of Ethics and this agreement is to institute an understanding and process for creating clarity in situations that could cause concern or create misunderstandings. These are opportunities for all parties concerned to learn. The ethics review implements a process that outlines how to resolve concerns in a safe space that encourages honest words, compassionate communication and ongoing support for ethical standards.

All questions or conflicts regarding this code of ethics can be brought for consideration to the Unity Board. The Unity Board reserves the right to interpret these guidelines as they see fit and to suspend this agreement at any time.

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