Letter from Rachel Corpus, Unity Center Director

April 30, 2021

Dear Friends,

Blessings! My name is Rachel Corpus and I am the Minister/Director of Unity Center of Des Moines. Rev. Cynthia Leveque retired in June 2020, and I was hired to fill that role the same month. I am in the Field Ministry Program at Unity Worldwide Ministries where I am working towards my second ordination. This path allows me to learn while I lead. I am so grateful for the Unity Community and am honored to hold space while we continue to grow. 

I am pleased to tell you that Unity Center made it through the past year and came out thriving! We closed the physical building due to covid-19 in March 2020, but we kept a steady stream of support groups, check-ins, classes, book studies, prayer service and Sunday Celebration Service going throughout the year. I am grateful for all who made that possible: teachers, facilitators, students, and each and every one of you who attended an online event. Online interaction is not for everyone, so we have not seen some of you for over a year. We have really missed you! We felt your love and support as you sent it to us, heart to heart. Thank you for keeping Unity in your prayers this year. Many of you continued to support Unity financially and for that we are grateful. We have been able to keep up with building needs, payroll, expenses, and support members of the community who needed rental or food assistance.

We have spent months praying, watching data, listening, and contemplating the safest plan to reopen the building. Joyfully, we will reopen our doors on Sunday, May 9, for Celebration Service at 10:30 a.m. Other in-person classes and events will come back gradually, so visit our FB page and website for updates. 

We encourage you to participate in person when you feel safe to do so. We are adopting a hybrid model (in-person, Zoom and FB Live) for Sunday Celebration Service each week. If you don’t feel ready to join in-person you can still participate online via Zoom or Facebook Live. The links to join via Zoom and Facebook are on our website. 


Our church administrator, Holly Moore, has done an excellent job creating covid-19 protocols and safety practices this year. We have been practicing our procedures for months and feel confident that we are ready for in-person participation. This is a gradual opening, so not every class and event will come back immediately. Check the events calendar on the website to stay updated on in-person and virtual offerings. It is possible that some classes and events will use the hybrid option. That choice is up to each facilitator and will be posted on the events calendar. 

Unity Center will remain open as long as it is safe to do so. For now, each event will have a cap of 20 people. We will increase that number gradually. If we need to close the building again we will communicate that on our FB page and website. We are working hard to staff the nursery for Celebration Service. In the event that we cannot, we invite children to play in our new children’s area in the Sanctuary. Our middle schoolers and teens will have their Sunday School classes right after service from 11:30-12:00 in our newly remodeled youth room. 

Masks and social distancing are required at all in-person events. 

An RSVP is required for Sunday Celebration Service. To let us know you are coming, please visit: www.unitydesmoines.com/register-here-attend-person-worship. You can also go to the events calendar on our website, www.unitydesmoines.com/calendar, click on the Sunday you wish to attend and follow the link to RSVP. 

If you need assistance with your RSVP or would like to reach out for any other reason, contact Holly Moore, info@unitydesmoines.com or Rachel Corpus, theminister@unitydesmoines.com

Blessings and Light, 

Rachel Corpus


Unity Center of Des Moines 


Keep In Touch

If you would like to stay updated on what’s happening at Unity, including ways to get involved, visit our website, www.unitydesmoines.com and follow us on Facebook. We are also now on Instagram! Go to www.instagram.com/unitycenterdsm.

If you would like to sign up for our weekly newsletter, The Burst, visit our website and click the orange button at the bottom of the page, or click on the link below: www.unitydesmoines.com/newsletter-signup.

Get Involved

Would you like to get more involved? Here are some opportunities to help keep Unity thriving:

Serve as a member of our Board of Trustees

Members serve a three-year term, helping Unity Center grow. There are one to two meetings per month that last about an hour and a half each. Board members help with events as needed as well as advise the minister on finances, programming, strategic planning, building and grounds, staffing, and other needs as they arise. And...we have lots of fun!

Volunteer in the nursery or teach Sunday School

You can sit and play, lead a craft, read a book, sing songs, or share a special talent or passion with our children. You can write your own lesson or a lesson plan can be provided for you. This is an area of high need as we work to grow our children and youth ministry. No experience necessary.

Serve on the planning team for our next stewardship campaign

Unity Center is in the flow of abundance and prosperity! We actively co-create our financial health by determining areas of financial need and planning for future programs and physical needs of the center. This planning will be creative and rewarding, and will give you a chance to meet a lot of members of the Unity community!

Create decorations and tapestries for the Sanctuary

Working from home or at Unity center, create tapestries and decorations that change with the seasons. Sewing experience is a plus, but not necessary. 

Lead a class, event or book study

We are constantly adding new opportunities to grow. If you would like to lead a class, Bible study, or plan an event, let us know!

Join our prayer team

Our prayer team receives prayer requests from our community and takes those requests into prayer. This volunteer opportunity happens on your own time as you sit in prayer with Creator. If you would like to be added to the prayer chain, let us know.

Volunteer on Sundays

There are so many things to do on Sundays! You could greet people, serve as an usher, count money, read the Daily Word, share an inspirational interval, share your musical talent, help with technology and sound, or teach Sunday school. There is something for everyone and the more the merrier!

Help with Buildings and Grounds

We can always use help changing light bulbs, touching up paint, cleaning, mowing, redecorating, and fixing things around our beautiful center. If this is your gift let us know!

Create Your Own Ministry

If you feel inspired to help our homeless community, visit inmates, visit the sick and inbound, sew blankets, mittens, or masks, collect blankets and coats for people who need them, or something else….we are ready to support you! Reach out to Rachel if you have an idea you would like to percolate. 

For more information about any of these opportunities or to volunteer, contact Rachel: theminister@unitydesmoines.com