Youth Program


Youth Program

Our Children are Sacred.

Our role as caretakers of their spiritual growth is sacred.  We can consciously commit to deepening our support of youth ministry within our spiritual center.  We can open our center’s doors to wider communities, sharing our vision and our positive beliefs. Let us join together as a Unity family and clearly answer Myrtle Fillmore’s call; “Who will take care of the children?”  Talk with Rev.Cynthia to be part of this faithful team.  Our Vision is to continually expand to fill the needs of the children and teens.  

Held every week during  Sunday Service. We have boxes of toys, books, and crafts to entertain our children of all ages while in the service.

Unity of Des Moines provides a vibrant and growing educational experience for children pre-school through elementary age. Our classes are multi-aged and taught in a one room school-house style. A variety of Unity curriculum materials are used, teaching Unity principles by incorporating stories, lessons, crafts and experiential activities. Each class offers an environment where children are able to learn about a loving and accepting God, where they feel safe to learn and to be divine expressions of their God selves.  Below are 2 links of examples of the children expressing their divinity.  Prayer and meditation practices are included within the lessons. The children join us at the conclusion of each service to sing the Peace Song and to receive the Unity blessing. All children are welcome. Please visit us and consider making us your spiritual home.

Childrens Play

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