Volunteer Opportunities

Unity of Des Moines has multiple volunteer opportunities available. This would be a great chance for those of any age as the time commitment can be flexible.

Basement Remodel Team
The basement at Unity Des Moines is a wonderful space for our youth and for community gatherings. This is also the next space to be remodeled to better serve our community in the years to come. We are forming a team to help plan the remodel of the basement. This could include design decisions as well as fundraising ideas and execution to help fund the remodel.

Bookstore Team
If you have a passion for books then this team is for you. Our bookstore is in need of much love and care. The team will plan the new direction of the bookstore and help to execute the plans. They will also help with the upkeep of the store to include staffing the store during open hours.

Community Outreach Team
Unity Des Moines is dedicated to extending a helping hand to the community. This ranges from hosting support groups to being an active member of DMARC to volunteering in various needs throughout the Des Moines area. The Community Outreach team will brainstorm ideas for new and continuing outreach projects and help co-ordinate participation of these projects.
The Stewardship team would be responsible for overseeing and planning the annual giving drive, various fundraising activities and the education of the spiritual aspects of giving.