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Forgiveness Notes

July 1
From Gary Zukav “Seat of the Soul”
Energy continually pours through you entering at the top of your head and descending downward through your body.  You are not a static system.  You are a dynamic being of light that at each moment informs the energy that flow through you.  The dynamic of opposing intentions within you will produce confusions and anguishes…this is the experience of a splintered personality.  The values perceptions and behaviors of a splintered personality are not integrated.  SP is not conscious of all the parts of itself. A SP is a personality in need of healing.  As a personality becomes conscious and integrated, it heals those parts of its soul that incarnated in order to be healed. We are evolving into a society of whole individuals; individuals who are aware of their nature as beings of light and who shape their light consciously, wisely and with compassion. Intentions set into motion processes that affect every aspect of your life.  If you desire to grow spiritually, for example, that change begins with the intention to change. 
This is why our work is forgiveness.
July 15
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Ways to choose gratitude--


1. Spend time with other people.

2. Appreciate what you’ve got. 
3. Show up for your village, team, family, small group.

4. Practice intentional trust.

5. Choose what matters: the meaning of your work, the greater and higher purpose that underlies your spiritual journey.

6. Daditude teaches us to give thanks for the lift of grace/goodness/help for the journey

7. Use the toolkits/ follow the advice of the master teachers.


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