Rachel's Lesson from Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rachel’s Lesson from Sunday September 72, 2020


I asked my son what he thought I should share about today, and he said family. And I thought that was very fitting, since today feels like we have come home together. We can’t share a meal, or hug, but we can share the best of who we are- our souls. 

What is home to you? A comfortable place to lay your head?  A place to celebrate? A place to let your guard down? A place to eat?

I have heard the term church family a lot. If you have a healthy relationship with your family that might feel fine. But if your family has hurt you, that term might cause you to turn away from church. Further, if the church uses a lot of patriarchal pronouns, like Father or Lord, and you have been hurt by your father, this too might cause you to turn away. 

Church can be whatever you need it to be. Truly. The days of believing what a certain denomination believes just for the sake of believing is fading. The new way is one of autonomy- supported by the community. You decided who God is for you, and whatever that belief is, you are supported by your community. There won’t be many exceptions to that, unless your belief urges you to hurt someone in the name of God. I am referring to growth that is for your highest good and for the highest good of others. 

The food we share at home is made of flour, salt, and fat. And it nourishes us. Now I adore a good church potluck- you know I do- and I also recognize that the nourishment we receive and give each other is soul nourishment. When we see each other for who we are, when we allow each other to question, when we hold space for each other to share opinions, especially when that opinion is different than my own, we nourish the soul.


Today we have come home, physically, but we never left. We have learned that the walls of our church are but a symbol. We are greater than that, and the Universe is our home. We still need our building and we always will. It is our tangible home base. But our hearts are our home. Love is our home. 


Explain eternal light from childhood.

We have that light, too. But it isn’t maintained by a person. It simply is. We may not see it burning, but we feel it. When you drive by or walk in the doors, the feeling of the light being left on for you is real. 

And, God is not in there. God is in you. Wherever you are, God is.

Depending on where you are in your spiritual walk, God may be outside or you or inside of you, or both. All are correct. And I can see God in you. You are the walking, talking manifestation of God. No pressure- you will mess up. That’s because you are human. But, at your core, you are made of God.


Family- different connotations

“church family” …God as the father

Talk about social contract I learned as a teacher and how I tried to bring it home

What would our social contract have on it?

How will we know when it has been broken?

How do we hold each other accountable, in love?


Can family be broken? Yes. 

Are you bound to your family? No. 

Can it evolve? Or shed away?


What do you want family to feel like? Are there similarities there between what you want from your family and from your church?

Maybe we can heal the things that weren’t working (male-dominated, male as head of household, participating out of obligation vs. commitment)

How about…We are beginning a new way here at Unity.  

Old church: Top down

New church: Shared, Collaborative

A leader is still necessary, but will no longer parent you. 

Everyone has a voice!

Listening will be very important. We will spend time working on our own stuff so that when we come together, we can both contribute to the whole while growing ourselves. 

Start dreaming-what do you want from Unity? What can you offer Unity? How do you wish to grow?


  • Director of Unity Center of Des Moines, Rachel Corpus