Online Celebration Service! Annual Burning Bowl Ceremony


Every Sunday is special....especially this one!

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The burning bowl ceremony helps us discover our wholeness as complete beings of Spirit. Knowing that we are in control of what we keep and what we release, this ritual helps us to release what no longer serves us so that our wholeness can shine brightly!

You will to gather a few things before the ritual:

A few small pieces of paper that you can write on and then burn.

A writing utensil

A fire-proof bowl and matches. If you would rather not burn your papers you can tear them. We will release using both burning and tearing. If you decide to tear your papers you will not need a bowl and matches.

Optional: Incense or white sage to set your space and to clear your energy at the conclusion of the ritual.

If you would  like to send something for me to burn for your during the ritual, email it to me prior to Jan. 2. I will not read these out loud.

We will have a virtual-only coffee hour starting around 11:45 on Zoom. 


Event date: 
Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 10:30am