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Ronna Prince Family Constellations/Ancestral Healing Workshop Will be an ONLINE workshop more info coming!

Workshop with Ronna Prince, ChT, Award-winning Filmmaker of Sacred Journey of the Heart

Certified Coach and Instructor: Family Constellations, Radical Forgiveness, HeartMath, Hypnotherapy

The latest scientific research in epigenetic inheritance proves that many issues impacting us today, such as depression, anxiety, illnesses, financial struggles and relationship challenges, are passed on to us by our parents, grandparents and even great-great grandparents!

Based on the ground-breaking research of Rachel Yehuda, “How Trauma and Resilience Cross Generations”, you will learn how many of our challenges did NOT start with you! (You do NOT need to know all of your family history, your “core language” will reveal it to you.)

This workshop will offer effective ways to break inherited patterns so you can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. Using core language and experiential processes you will:

  • Become a detective of your family history, uncovering the traumatic events that can affect health, success, vitality and relationships
  • Interpret the clues in your words, feelings, symptoms and behaviors that link to unresolved traumas.
  • Use dialogue, imagery, healing sentences and other tools based in neuroscience designed to break the cycle. (Processes adapted from Dr. Rick Hanson, The Neuroscience of Happiness)                                                            

Join Ronna Prince in this life-changing, emotion-freeing workshop that will help you End the Cycle and start a new beginning!

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