Leadership Transition Update

What is the vision of Unity Center of Des Moines?

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Greetings to the Unity Center of Des Moines community.

Purpose of this communication:

I invite you to go on a journey with us. As Cynthia Leveque retires on June 1st as Minister, there is much for us as a community to do together.  As always, change creates an opportunity for us to reimagine what we want next.   Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Here you will find an updated blog, based on date, of the activity that has and will occur as we move together. Please make sure you are on the burst email list, as we will use that list to provide updates.  At any time feel free to reach out to the Unity Center of Des Moines leadership.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Coretta Scott King

What’s next???

  • The vision meeting series (3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5) is next.  These are 30-minute meetings directly after service! Where we will create a vision of what we want Unity Center of Des Moines to look like over the course of the next couple of years such as lay and ministerial leadership.  Beth, Paul and Julie will be there to facilitate the popcorn meetings.  Each meeting will be similar with the goal of hearing what it is the community collectively wants. We hope to see you at one or more of the meetings!
  • The board is actively working to engage a Unity World Wide Ministries consultant to assist the community on the transition.  The Board will consult them on topics such as plans for the discovery process overall, any interim plans needed, adding new board members and the long-term hiring process.  We are working to have one of these consultants visit us to facilitate a “Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future” workshop open to us all!


March 11, 2020 Informational Message Handout

In recognizing that there are always going to be those that cannot attend we wanted to send out the communication document provided to all during the informational meetings:

Message from Cynthia Leveque, Minister

I am answering my heart call to retire from being senior minister at Unity Center to explore other ways to minister and create. The last Sunday I will give the message will be May 24th.

Message from the Board

As a team, we have created a plan to help guide us on this journey.  The plan has been constructed in a way to help us guide us while allowing for a change in the plan.  To help support this flexibility we are creating a plan beginning June 1st to ensure we are spiritually supported.  Here are the steps beyond this initial meeting.  Remember that popcorn meetings are 30-minute pop up meetings!  These are the planned popcorn meetings:

  1. Vision Series on (3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5): A series of meetings, led by the board after services on Sunday.  The goal of each of these meetings is to listen to you and your dreams for the Unity Center of Des Moines.  We are here to listen! 
  1. Spiritual Leadership Hiring Plan Series on (4/12, 4/19): A serious of meetings, led by the board after services on Sunday.  Here we will work toward a plan based on the ideas we heard during the vision series popcorn meetings.  Our goal here is not to rush through this transition process; giving the time and attention needed for the board to hear everyone.  Cynthia and anyone planning to apply for the position will be asked not to attend.  At the end of these series of meetings the board will communicate the next steps via the website, burst and additional meetings as needed.

Key Notes

  1. To give us time to find the right long- term fit for spiritual leadership, we are researching at a few options for the interim.  This can include utilizing UWM (Unity Worldwide Ministry) transitional consulting services or other part time solutions.
  1. To find out more about options we have for the hiring process refer to the Unity Center bylaws (www.unitydesmoines.com) and the following Unity World Wide Ministries (www.worldwideministries.org) documentation.  The board is actively working with the Worldwide ministry for guidance, but anyone can reach out to them directly.
  1. At any time, you are encouraged to contact the Board of Trustees with any ideas, questions or concerns you have. 
  1. Please consider giving your time and financial support in whatever way you can.  Currently we have two openings on the Board.  As we go through this process there will be more opportunities to give of your time and resources.


March 8, 2020 2nd Informational Meeting Message

“Thank you again to those that attended the informational leadership transition meeting. The agenda was largely the same with the addition of calling out Cynthia’s overall role in the transition.  As we truly want every voice to be heard as they wish to speak, we collectively thought it best for her to step out of these meetings on a go forward basis.  Consulting with her on a as needed basis.”   Julie Russell


Feb 23, 2020 Informational Meeting Message

“Thank you to those that could attend the first informational leadership transition meeting.  As mentioned, we want this process to be organic and service the higher purpose of finding the right person to replace Cynthia.  We have come to realize that Rachel Corpus’ role in the transition doesn’t sit quite right as we know she is interested in the position.  So because we consider her such a worthy candidate we collectively decided to have her take a step back.  She will continue with her studies on her journey to be formally accepted to the Unity program to become an ordained minister but not actively participate as a leader in the transition team.  No worries as we will still see her on Sundays!”   Julie Russell