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August 25, 2019

Our Vision

We are a spiritual community,

a place for all souls

to explore and grow.


Our Mission

Create space.

Embrace authenticity, individually and collectively.

Sustain harmony.

Movie link about the moon : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCrJ3NflOpE&feature=youtu.be

Letter from Board President 08/15 Click Here

From Sunday June 21st     

Where Our Humanity Meets Our Divinity

The teachings of the world have us reach far to the edges of our conceptualization to define what God is.

They teach us everything from the conception that we are humans who are created, led, judged, punished by an outside god; to the understanding that everything is an illusion, none of this human experience is reality. It’s falsely created by our feeble human minds.

To me, I think it’s somewhere in between all of that.

Living in these human bodies, with these human minds and experiences. We can’t escape them. We can’t meditate them away. We can’t love & light ourselves into non-existence. Do we even want to?

What if, instead, we breathe in and embrace that place where our humanity meets our divinity. What if we strive in every moment to be … both.

Is there some blending or balancing of our insignificance (being this tiny human in the vast universe) with our magnificence (embracing the entire Universe within us)?

Can we talk the road where our Humanity meets our Divinity?

With love to you all,


Sunday June 16

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Rachel Corpus was the speaker on June 9 and her talk is on this website

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From Sunday June 9, here is the link to the video Kristy Patterson talked about in her Inspirational Interval

Rescue Cat

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