Meditation from Sunday October 25, 2020

This meditation is inspired by some things I am learning from one of my teachers at Unity Worldwide Ministries, Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson. 

Feel free to open your eyes at any time during this meditation if you need to do so.  

Begin by noticing your Breath, feel your body supported by the chair, the floor, the earth, the Universe. 

Let me learn to think of dollars as I do leaves on fruit on trees, as the natural and inevitable result of the law active within. There is truly no need to worry or be anxious when the tree appears to be bare as long as we are conscious of the Truth that the Law is even now operating within the tree to bring forth fruit after its very own kind. The same law active within the tree is active within me, so regardless of appearance of “bare tree” in financial matters I let the law do its perfect work in me. 

I am a radiating center of Divine Love. Love fills my heart with harmony. Love fills my mind with kind, helpful thoughts. Love fills my lips with words of praise and cheer. Love fills my life overflowing with peace and prosperity. Whatever the need or problem, Divine Love is the answer and I am a perfect expression of Diving Love now. Divine Love now fills my every need.