Letter from Spiritual Council Leaders

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November 28, 2018
Dear Friends,
I am happy to report that life as one of the spiritual leaders at Unity Center is pretty good. You see, that is a new development. Three awesome leaders have joined with me to create our Spiritual Leadership Council. Paul Kellogg, Melissa Harris and Mavis Curry have all spoken at Unity and will be contributing classes and workshops and talks in 2019. Together we are creating a lovely Christmas Service for Sunday, Dec. 23 at 6 PM. I'm happy because the four of us, as a leadership team, have the ability to lift each other up and inspire our community with exponential energy. Four of us will be able to come up with a higher thought than any one of us.
On a personal note: Roland and I traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia and had our lives enriched by new sights, new customs and lovely people. I noticed I was grateful and excited to get back to Iowa. As the plane circled Des Moines, morning mist rose in the sunlight over a magical autumn landscape. We live in a wondrous place.
Since we have all entered into "The Holiday Season" let all of us remember to be kind to any sentient being we encounter, including ourselves. The Christ in me greets the Christ in you. ~ Cynthia