Letter from Rev. Leveque

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February 28, 2020
Dear Friends,
There is only one power in the Universe, God, good, unlimited. We also have free will.

“As you understand that, the choices you make here to know yourself in your Divine worth, all of those past expressions, are brought to the altar with you. Your shame, your greed, your abused self, your need to hurt others, to be expressed as famous or as nothing worthwhile, all these things, these claims of being, are carried to the altar by you and are placed there to be in service to the Divine. …
When you do this, you will no longer regret your history.”
(Book of Mastery page 175, Selig)

In my mind, practical application would be this:
Go out and imagine every person as Divine, as the Christ, as holy, as Jesus, as baby Jesus, as Buddha, as Krishna, as not only in service to a great light, but the great light. Golden, pink, silver, blue, shining as sunlight, moonlight, starlight, phosphorescence, luminescence, glimmering, gleaming, shimmering, glowing, glittering, glistening, sparkling, twinkling, radiating, emanating, emitting, and overflowing.

Every person.
Not just the ones you like.

Every person.
Even the ones with evidence against them!

Which means, all the parts of ourselves
Bringing with us all our expressions,

I show up with my whole self, no hiding, no lying, no equivocating. And all of it gets to be what it is.

Free your imagination, fire your judging editor, and know each of us as good.

Love, Cynthia