Letter from Rev. Leveque

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"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:" Ecclesiastes 3:1

May 1, 2020
Dear Friends,
Spring has arrived in Des Moines, no doubt. Birds are making themselves at home again. Just yesterday I walked on a Des Moines park trail and enjoyed the new soft green of the leaves in the woods. Tiny flowers are out along the paths. Lovely and fleeting. I'm just reminding myself and all of us that everything changes. Spring moves to summer and staying home to slow the spread of Covid-19 will change. We are writing this playbook as we go, all of us.
Our wisest spiritual teachers remind us that everything passes. And when we are looking for solid ground, we can find it inside of ourselves, where we experience Oneness, the seat of our soul. Given that many of us (not all!) have some new time to be at home and find a quiet window of contemplation, may we take our spiritual courage in hand and do just that. I know that you will meet yourSELF.
Love and Blessings,