Karen Cheong Seminar Oct 4-6


Frequency Work Fundemantals

Friday October 4th at 7 PM to 8:30 PM at Unity Center $15

Have you noticed that there are certain areas of your life where you seem to get stuck or have “bad luck,” or experience the same frustrating outcome no matter what you try to do? Have you ever wondered why that is and wished you could change it?

Join Karen to help you understand why things are consistently tripping you up in certain parts of your life.

She will also give a 30 minute Group Frequency Calibration (GFC) where she will work with your higher self, leveraging the power of the group, to catalyze a fundamental change to the patterns on spirit level that are creating your reality – whether you are aware of them or not. This ultimately allows more possibilities open to you so you can experience a different, and ultimately better, reality.

A severe health crisis hit Karen in her early 20s which led to an almost suicidal spiral. “By chance” she found an acupuncturist who could “see” energy. After moving 2000 miles to receive care from this man. Within 5 weeks of treatment with needles and cups, Karen went from a suicidal mess to vitality. This experience catalyzed a 25+ year journey seeking to know what lay beyond our physical reality.

Karen built a successful real estate business with her husband and partner Chris, with $20-$24 million per year in sales, but still experienced feelings of scarcity and fear that there wouldn’t be enough.

Despite using strategic coaching and multiple energy modalities learned from a wide range of teachers (Drunvalo Melchizedek, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Donny Epstein, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, to name a few), they kept hitting an invisible ceiling

in their sales production and were burning out. It looked like success from the outside but internally it didn’t feel that way.

In August 2015 they found frequency work with Mas Sajady and started intensively clearing distortion patterns.

By December 2017 Karen had cleared enough distortion patterns to allow her abilities to work with frequencies to come in. When people realized what she could do, more and more started asking her for sessions.

In 2018 she launched www.SphericaLuminosity.com in response to the increasing demand for frequency work.

She continues to upgrade and is using that momentum through frequency work to catalyze healing and massive growth in her clients, through her free weekly podcast and video series “Mastering Your World Through Frequencies,” individual sessions, live events and, through group frequency calibrations.


Transcendent Success

October 4 to 6

at Unity Center $395

True success is personally defined. It is a subjective measure.

Despite this, most of us allow our definition of success to be defined by an external source – our parents, cul- tures, families, religions tell us that to be successful we must reach certain thresholds, or look or be a certain way.

These goals are usually external to ourselves (money, job title, house, car, spouse, family, etc).

Often, the pressure to meet those thresholds is quite strong. We struggle to get there and if we fall short, we feel like we’ve failed at everything.

On the other hand for those who “make it” and achieve these goals, something equally devastating can hap- pen. When they achieve these milestones, often they feel unfulfilled, empty, unhappy and sometimes even cheated.

Success as traditionally defined by the old paradigm is an illusion. And rarely does it result in long-lasting happiness or fulfillment.

Transcendent Success is a new paradigm, where success stems from an internal sense of completeness, strength, wholeness and confidence from within, and a profound awareness of our connection to Pure Source.

Transcendent Success is not dependent on anything external.

Because it is aligned with and is a higher expression of Pure Source, it is therefore free from the binding of culture, lineage, religion. What results is a freedom, an exuberance for “what is,” and a massive opening of possibilities and abundance.

Join Karen for this powerful event as she helps you begin to clear the distortion patterns that are holding you back from experiencing and embodying Transcendent Success.

This weekend event includes the Friday evening event (you do not have to register for the Friday evening portion separately if you are attending the weekend event).

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