Contemplative Leadership - Sanctuary

7:30 AM to 9:30 AM usually meeting on the first Wednessday of the month. 

What is Contemplative Leadership?
At its foundation, contemplative leadership is the practice of leadership that is informed and nourished by one’s inner life as a contemplative. Leadership is sourced from an inner stillness, an openness of mind, heart, and will.  
The journey of contemplative leadership cultivates the being of leadership, which in turn  transforms the knowing and doing of leadership. As the quality of presence and attention shifts, the grip of old habits and emotional programs are loosened. Individuals and groups are freed up to think, relate, and work together in new ways.
With further receptivity, contemplative leadership evolves as a socially-engaged practice, with    inner and outer, personal and communal engagement at the same time. Leaders explore vulnerability as well as strength as rich fodder for personal and collective growth. Ironically, when human beings experience acceptance and respect even when not at their best, they are  typically more open to receive feedback and discuss blind spots.   
 Want to know more? Janet Drey  515-314-1440
Janet Drey, MA directs the work of the Consortium for Contemplative Leadership, supporting leaders from various sectors in awaking the inner life of leadership. As a socially engaged contemplative practice, contemplative leadership strengthens a sense of community, belonging, ownership and responsibility; creating new possibilities for individuals, teams, organizations and society.

Event date: 
Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 7:30am