Cacao Ceremony with Alchemy Transformation

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Cacao Ceremony with Alchemy Transformation
Experience the beautiful properties of cacao, the plant medicine from which chocolate is made.  Experience the beautiful tones of the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls and the large crystal singing bowls along with your intention to create transformation in your life.  Limited to first 12 people to register. Cacao is a superfood plant medicine.  We will be working with a ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala.  A cacao ceremony allows you to connect more deeply with your inner self.  It is heart opening and inspires increased focus, clarity and creativity! It assists you in any transformation you are working on. You set your intentions and cacao aids in your insight and awareness in achieving your goal.  You will learn about your ability to love unconditionally, about your truest, deepest self and living your purpose.  You will release negative energy and blocks as you open to more love and gratitude.  We will sit in sacred circle, and the cacao will be taken.  We will create a safe space to share, reconnecting with our deep, inner wisdom, and then after sharing, go into the meditation with the alchemy and crystal singing bowls.  The cacao will enhance these practices, taking you to deeper levels of consciousness and understanding.  Cacao connects us with our hearts, and elicits feelings of joy, bliss, love and transformation.  It raises your vibration! Then we will reconnect in our sharing of the experience and participants will have an opportunity to share their creative inspirations if they so choose. These ceremonies expand our connection in community with others who attend also.   Bring a bottle of water, a journal if you want, and an open heart!  Also, if there is something creative you want to share in the last round, i.e. a poem, a painting or drawing, a song, etc. please bring it or feel free to create in the moment. 
12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Contact Deb Jennings for more information.  515-371-0725
Energy Exchange:  $50 per person. Tickets may be purchased at
Location:  Unity Center of Des Moines, 414 31st St., Des Moines, Iowa.  Please note because of the small size group of this event, you must preregister on the website by paying your ticket fee.  The website accepts paypal or credit card via paypal.  If you are unable to pay this way and want
to attend, contact Deb at the above contact phone number and arrange to reserve your space and pay at the door.


Sounds for the Soul offers private sessions with sounds for personal growth and increasing your vibration.  These one hour sessions are very transformational.  $108.00.  We also offer private sessions with sounds and cacao ceremony.  Cacao enhances the session.  These one and one half hours sessions will help you with clarity, focus, inspiration and creativity.  $158.00.  And additionally, we offer couples sessions either one hour with sounds or one and one half hours with sounds and private cacao ceremony  $177 for one hour sounds session; $277 for one and one half hours sounds and private cacao ceremony.  Cacao opens the heart to more love.  Ideal for couples!


Event date: 
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 12:30pm